For Sale: Land and ruin for sale in Exoghi village IDMV005EXO

Village: Exoghi, Ithaki

Size: 409,40m2

Price: 150,000 Euro

Breathtaking views at the top of Exoghi where this land is for sale.

These two properties are divided by a road, and are situated at the tip and top of Exoghi, below the pyramids. An old ruin is situated on the top property with a sterner. There are amazing views of Afales bay, Platrithya, Frikes, and Stavros. You are so high that you have the best view from both properties. Permission is granted to build on both properties and there is road access and electricity. The bottom piece is well terraced and flat, perfect to build your house on. And the top land you could restore the ruin and build a new home. This is a perfect spot for anyone looking to build with a sea view.

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